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Eduardo Camarena graduated with Honors (10/10 score in his final thesis project “Vertical City in Sao Paulo”) in June 2014. He finished his bachelor and masters in Architecture in the Superior Technical School of Architecture of Madrid (ETSAM) and studied for a year at Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), Chicago. Currently he lives in London and works in Zaha Hadid Architects

During 2012/2013 he joined Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) where he participated in both commissions and competitions, experiencing the highly demanding environment in one of the world´s most renowned architecture firms. The previous years he also worked for other architecture firms, Ignacio Escribano´s Practice (2011-2012, Madrid) and Strawn-Sierralta (2010, Chicago). Aside from working for architecture offices, Eduardo has participated in various architecture competitions on his own; in 2012 he won ARQUIA National Competition, an award open to young architects and students, with his project ESPÅÑÓPTICØ

Eduardo believes in the role of the architect beyond “architecture”, in the plural and hybrid essence of the profession, in the importance of multidisciplinary processes. Consequently he has tried other fields/formats such as video, industrial design or graphic design. Having cinema among his biggest passions, he has worked with video as a professional, teaching video production in San Pablo CEU University of Architecture, also doing video commissions for architecture offices such as TallerDE2, or giving lectures about the use of video in architecture as member of the Estoriboark collective. He has experience as well in corporate identity (for the company EspañaITE) or industrial design (in 2011 he was finalist Spanish National Furniture Contest: “Josep Ros: Design and Creation of a piece of furniture” with the project Stairamp).

In the first years of architecture school he developed a great interest in design for disabled users and accessibility in general. As a result of this concern he performed in 2008 an investigation about the mobility of blind people in the city that concluded in the formalization as a European patent of the device “Tactile Spatial Decoder for Blind People”.

Eduardo´s work has been published in Designing the Future Architecture Magazine (featuring Vertical City in Sao Paulo, 2014), in galleries (“Humano at Estocolmo, Madrid, 2009) and has participated as a lecturer in ETSAM (presenting “Tactile Spatial Decoder, “Meeting among Schools” conference, Madrid, 2008), Efímeras Festival (presenting “Madrid´s Park-o-Matic”, Madrid, 2011) Sint Lukas Architectuur (“Fragiles” Conference, presenting “Somewhere Else”, Ghent, Belgium, 2012).